4K Screen Recorder with Internal Audio Recording pro.v3.1 [免费版]


Most Correct Way of Recording Screen:
a) Keep All Setting Preferences At Default Mode.
b) If You Want To Record Screen In Landscape Mode:
step 1: Lock Your Device Orientation at LANDSCAPE Mode
step 2: In Screen Recorder settings Keep Orientation Option at AUTO Mode.
Special Features:
Record Google Meet With Sound.
Records WhatsApp Call
May be Record Zoom Meet.
Free App
Draw on Screen when screen recording is started.
Free screen recorder with face camera
4K screen recorder without water mark free
Screen recorder with circular camera
Unlimited recording upto 24 hours
Save on shake feature
=>Video Call Recording:
Available for all Android versions.
In this mode user can record video call with microphone sound only
But Internal Audio can not be recorded In this Mode.
=>Normal Recording:
Available for all Android versions.
In this mode user can record video call.
Internal Audio can be recorded In this Mode if device support.
Internal Audio Recording Feature :
Only android 10,11,12 can supports Internal Audio Recording Feature.
By this feature you can record game sounds without any noise.
It also supports youtube video sound recording (Mic is disabled);
If sounds does not comes from device speaker (if you use any headphone) then also audio recorded.
Audio recording works only audio comes from game , media .
Devices with android version 9 and below does not support this feature.
Video Resolution:
If You See Black Border Around Video:
a) This Black Border is seen only when you see video in mobile phone or small screen.
b) This highest video Resolution at which app will not crash with your Device.
Frame Rates:
Bit rates:
Maximum recording duration is 12 hours
user can to set it to 5min ,10 min and so on.
When recording duration complete, recording automatically gets saved.
Screen Lock:
Recording gets pause/resume or stop/start when screen OFF/ON depending on device version.
Transparent Screen:
When user start recording, transparent screen appear
Record Option:
User can directly record screen with record button in quick setting.
Floating Window:
Recording can be saved without coming to app again.
Floating window or screen overlay appear while recording and user have option in app setting to set its visibility.
Visibility can be set from 20% to 100% .
Device Safety:
Screen recording will not harm user device.
Apps will not consume battery in background,
Recorded video is stored in user device only.
User can share recorded video without water mark and free.
Camera Permission overview
Screen Recorder uses camera for display front or back camera preview while screen recording.


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  • 软件名称: 4K Screen Recorder with Internal Audio Recording
  • 软件分类: 媒体视频
  • APK名称: com.ssa.nitian.screenrecorder
  • 最新版本: pro.v3.1
  • 支持ROM: 5.0及更高版本
  • 软件大小 : 6.34 MB
  • 更新日期: 2021-09-15