Golf memo for Application 2.1.0 [免费版]


「ゴルフメモfor application」は、ゴルフメモの情報をスマートフォンでご覧いただく事が可能です。





"Golf Notes for application" is, it is possible to visit the information of the golf Note smartphone. Always of smartphones, is on the course turns into a
caddy with There are relying influence the score! Using "golf memo", let's put out beating your best score!
[The golf memo]
Professional golfers to find the exact information of the golf course, the top amateur, and all of the golfers aiming to score improvement, was produced for the caddy to
provide accurate information, it is that the details have been written notes of course.
Golf memo, such as the measures detailed distance, such as information and the inclination of the hazard and artificial obstacles that dot the course, so that the players
strike an accurate shot, and provides information.
· Batch manage multiple golf notes in your smartphone!
- Since it is scaling memo, I am happy to read the fine print.
- Your own notes can be freely fill out, save, edit.
Courses overall layout display will be able to.


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  • 最新版本: 2.1.0
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  • 更新日期: 2022-05-15